Breaking news, Joe Biden fell asleep today during a live TV interview...

Joe Biden fell asleep today during a live TV interview with the Fake News network. At first news, anchors panicked as the assumed something terrible had happened, but before long faint snoring could be heard.

After the incident, a  strange blue bottle was seen poking out his shirt pocket. Our investigators have since determined the origins of this mysterious container. It appears that a confused Joe Biden accidentally purchased a bottle of  “Sleepy Joe” nighttime spray from The Patriot Cafe, believing it to be a product made specifically for him.

In a later statement by former Vice President Biden's aid, we learned that Joe Biden came across the product and simply couldn't resist purchasing it as "nothing beats a good sleep" even during live TV interviews.

After further research, we have found out all there is to know about this mysterious product, “Sleepy Joe” nighttime spray with 300mg of CBD helps you get a good night’s sleep in support of your overall health according to the official website.

This isn’t the first time, Over the past few weeks, Joe Biden has fallen asleep at meetings, the dinner table, and now on television. It all adds up now, the "Sleepy Joe Elixir" really does appear to work. But here is the conundrum, is Joe Biden named after the elixir, or is the elixir named after Joe Biden? I suppose we will never find out.

We recommend trying this product to find out yourself the true power behind Joe Biden’s peaceful sleep.