"Keep Calm" CBD Breath Mints

Has a recent argument with a liberal left a bad taste in your mouth?

We have just the solution for you, "KEEP CALM" CBD Breath Mints presented in a beautiful, collectible Trump tin*. Take a deep breath and Keep Calm, Trump is Making America Great!

Our cool and refreshing mints allow you to enjoy the benefits of CBD in a fun and easy manner. Freshen your breath while the CBD helps to restore your body’s natural equilibrium. Each mint contains 10mg of CBD in a discrete, refreshing, and chewable tablet. Feel cool and refreshed while going about your day.

Clear the air today with your own MAGA breath mints:

*Artist Donna Campbell Allen was commissioned to paint the Donald Trump Portrait featured on the tin - one in a series of commemorative presidential paintings. www.trumpmagapainting.com