Lee (Woody) Allen -  Co-Founder
served as an Infantry Captain in the 82d Airborne and 101st Air Assault Divisions and with Psychological Operations, JFK Center Ft. Bragg from 1977-1983
Woody is a proud father of 5 and a respected community activist with a passion for history, politics and CBD. He launched the first nationwide CBD subscription box in the industry out of Las Vegas in 2017. Prior to that, he spent a year traveling the first 5 legal cannabis states familiarizing himself with the industry’s supply chain and making many industry contacts.  
Our Mission
THE PATRIOT CAFÉ is focused on the re-election of Donald J. Trump! We proudly stand behind this mission. All our energies, including a soon to be launched Podcast, Blogs and a “Public Square” forum will offer thoughts, ideas and welcome public opinion on “Keeping America Great!”
How We Came To Be
THE PATRIOT CAFÉ was created with the "Ole Tavern" setting in mind. The place where Patriots met back during the time of the American Revolution to discuss political issues. Same time, we wanted to offer popular products with a campaign theme. Being in the industry, we decided that better than CBD packaged with labels that speak a “Thousand Words” is a slogan about our political position on issues!
Why Fun-Poking CBD Product Labels?
First off, it’s an Election Year. A historical one. Today’s political arena is often mean-spirited. While THE PATRIOT CAFÉ promotes strong bedrock American values, sometimes a little humor can help us let off steam. Especially when we see what’s happening to our country! Our thinking, if THE PATRIOT CAFÉ products can get people to chuckle, hopefully we won’t pick up a pitchfork to go fight!
How to Use our Product
Enjoy our fun-poking labels, try the different ways you can take CBD, and share the products with friends! Not only will you be spreading support for our “Patriot” cause, But CBD is great for what ails people!
Is the CBD in our products real and of high quality?
You better believe it! Scroll to the bottom and read the Lab Tests. We partner with one of the largest CBD manufacturers in the country. All product are produced in FDA approved facilities (health and sanitization inspected), and independently tested and guaranteed for potency. As well, our Hemp growers follow organic growing standards. From farm to final packaged product, we guarantee the highest standards in the industry!